Introducing Score My Game App : Stats Tracking App

Water Polo Scoring app- Scoremygame

Are you ready to eliminate the hassle of using paper and pen? Do you want to enjoy the ease of live score recording over your iPhone?

Is it possible?

Well, Yes! A Scorekeeping app is an amazing option to easily track and store your water polo scores and statistics. Each stat includes the player’s detail, outcome, time, and location for accurate coaching analysis.

The app also allows the user to effortlessly score games, save time, and share data across team members and devices. How? The scoreboard page records every game event, including details of the home and away teams, game clock, possession arrow, scores, penalties, and timeout. It even has an additional feature of a horn that may be used to announce the conclusion of each quarter.

What makes Score My Game App a perfect choice for you?

Of all the available features, what marks Score My Game App as a trusted choice is its capability to connect to any HDMI-enabled display set. The user can easily create a scoreboard that the entire audience can see on your TV, computer, or projector. Thus, if you lack funds to keep the scoreboard for games at the school or recreation center, the water polo scoring app is your perfect choice.

What Can You Do With the Scorekeeping App?

With the water polo evaluation app, you can perform the following:

  • Set up the roster
  • Record individual and team points and penalties
  • In-game editing and deletion of score errors
  • Sharing online game results
  • Personalize the season, rosters, and more
  • Easily export data to
  • Saving and exporting game stats to the spreadsheet (.csv)

Additional Features:

Not only this, you can additionally enjoy the following features:

Adjustable game clock: The scorekeeping app comes with a game clock that you can choose to have the clock start counting up or down.

Record Game score and team penalties: The user can record the live score data as well as a mark in case of penalties which can be used later to publish the final results

Detailed & searchable live game log: The scoreboard comes with a live score management panel where you can get a detailed description of the water polo.

Native controls: The app allows users to easily access and track the game score through their iPhone and iPad and even store the data over the Cloud.

Efficient team management: The users can easily start by managing the list of players and keeping track of their progress over the scoreboard

Live game stats: The scoreboard panel of the app allows the user to easily check and keep track of shots, scores, and percentages.

Built-in rules: The water polo scorekeeping app follows high school rules to flag and help eliminate errors, offering better score recording accuracy.

Built-in customization: The user can easily customize score recording based on seasons, default teams, and game types

Additional Benefits: There is an option to launch regular season, playoffs, tournaments, and more which can be utilized by the user using a simple interface.

How Can You Utilize the Water Polo Score Tracking App?

Anyone can use the water polo scorekeeping app since it is simpler than a standard scorebook. Download the app to get started with the Simple Scoring option right now. Instead, you may utilize the Advanced Scoring option to make your roster, alter events, track stats, personalize preferences, save, download, and share all game data.

You can utilize our Score My Game App for intercontinental championships, tournaments, and school water polo matches. Experts design the app to ensure the score, timing, and period number are displayed on the scoreboard panel. Not just that, as a user, you can even mark penalties and save all the data over Cloud with zero hassle. All you need to do is download our native app from your play store and make the journey of your water polo game score tracking easier.

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